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ViiV Isometric Workout Excels in Key Element

Does it Settle The Question of Efficacy?

After 38 years of my own two or three half-hour strength training workouts per week, and about half as many years making a living supervising what I considered time-efficient workouts, two minutes per week is difficult to fathom.

But five 10-second isometric contractions – with an optional six other positions possible – seems to provide at least a baseline of strength enhancement.
Here’s one reason why.
My reasoning, incidentally, stems from a deep background in strength training. I worked in marketing for commercial exercise equipment and spine-rehab manufacturers, and played a minor role in developing collateral material on projects with the University of Florida Exercise Science research department. I also supervised personally more than 30K circuit strength-training sessions.
I’m sure you know a key component of strengthening is progression. But progression is a very elusive element in most exercise routines.



Pulled an old clip from the files to demonstrate breathing under maximum exertion. Even though this was a dynamic repetition – not an isometric – it still makes the point. 

First, in order to ascertain a superior muscular output, workouts require standardization:
  • the same exercises,
  • in the same order,
  • at the same pace,
  • the exerciser positioned identically each time,
  • repetitions performed in identical manner.
It’s virtually impossible to control those factors in a health club setting. What looks like progression may actually be an alteration in one of these many factors.
Second, the exercise apparatus must accommodate an increase in resistance level that’s achievable. I might be able to go from 100 pounds to 101 pounds, but the next step on the machine or an additional plate on the barbell is probably 105 – which I can’t do, and so I never progress.
With ViiV, there is precision.
  • There’s easy replication of body positioning.
  • There’s no-one to get into the way between exercises.
  • There’s no perceptible movement, eliminating rep speed, range of motion, turn-around execution, and concern about possible body contortions.
  • Force output is recorded one pound at a time. The screen displays a previous best, prompting an all-out effort to exceed it.
Third, with all these aforementioned concerns eliminated, whomever is supervising can concentrate on coaching an element often unknown to novice trainees, and frequently overlooked by the rest of us – breathing.
Many exercisers lock themselves up by holding their breath under exertion. Not only is this hazardous to blood pressure and potentially catastrophic if there is an aneurysm present, but it also blunts force output. I demonstrated this to trainees I supervised hundreds if not thousands of times. Lamaze facilitates both safety and maximum effort,  but if it came naturally there wouldn’t be classes for expectant couples.
Two minutes per week contracting on a ViiV may – or may not – provide superior outcomes to those of us with firm fitness habits. But there’s no doubting its efficacy for at least the vast majority suffering a sedentary lifestyle.
If you’re an exercise pro, an integrative medicine practitioner, a nursing home director or wellness-conscious employer, let me help you evaluate ViiV Rx Prescription Strength.

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