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Through The Years

In 1984, Dr. Ellington Darden, then research director at Nautilus, launched a revolutionary means of toning, tightening, and muscularizing figures and physiques. He incorporated time-efficient circuit strength-training with a sensible descending-calorie eating regimen  (aka: diet). This combination produced both visual changes and enormous physiological improvement.

Women shed several inches from their waists, hips, and thighs; they tightened their arms and packed figure-shaping muscle onto their torsos. Men dropped a half-inch per week off their waistlines, broadened shoulders and pumped out their chests.

Previous to Dr. Darden’s work, it was believed you had to exercise aerobically to burn body fat. Initially, his system was panned by other so-called experts. In time, many started copying his approach, most notably Bill Phillips in his book, Body for Life.

I left my job as a trade-magazine editor in the Fall of 1985 to work in marketing for Nautilus at its corporate headquarters in Lake Helen, Florida. I’d wanted to open a health club in Cincinnati, my hometown, but instead accepted the offer from Nautilus. I was interested intensely in Dr. Darden’s concepts.

I was fortunate to work closely with Dr. Darden, and help compile data from his experimental groups and make suggestions in the writing and editing of several of his books. Shortly thereafter, I operated a studio in DeLand, FL, that featured Dr. Darden’s powerful concepts.

After almost 10 years in DeLand, I worked again in marketing, this time at MedX, the second equipment invention of Arthur Jones, founder of Nautilus. In Spring 2005, I returned to Cincinnati and again offered time-efficient personal training and/or a Total-Body Makeover in s private studio at an indoor sports complex.

In Florida and Cincinnati I operated as Florida Fitness. After moving to Atlanta in 2013, I spent a year supervising workouts from a Buckhead studio before taking a job at a marketing agency.

I’ve personally supervised more circuit strength-training sessions than I can count. I know within the first decade the number exceeded 25,000 sessions. It’s probably at least 35,000 by now, but I favor a conservative estimate of 30,000.

Circuit strength training on machines is great exercise and if you’ve developed the habit and can devote the time – stick with it. But the ViiV-Rx drains the hypertrophy equation down to its bare essential. 

More in-depth explanation found in my blog. The video galleyer elsewhere on this page is just a sampling of the work I’ve done with clients through the decades. My aim now is to help others develop a strength-training/rehab component in their medical or fitness practice, so that many more individuals will enjoy the benefit of a strong body.. 


Terry Duschinski is an independent representative of ViiV Fitness Products, and also markets other fitness services such as virtual workout supervision.